Straumes new development Two plots - two buildings Plot B - Straumehagen Plot A - Sartorgaarden Sartorgaarden Special made facade plates Original pattern from a house in Portugal Wind protection Geo energy Straumehagen

buildings and housings in future regional centers

Project: Sartorgården:

Program: Commercial buildings and housing

Type: Assignment

Client: Altus Eiendom AS, StorBergen

Place of location: Straume, Fjell kommune, Norway

Size: 15.420m2

Apartments: 51

Business area: 5000 BRA

Period: 2010-2013

Status: Completed

Total Cost: kr 350 MNOK

Prosjekt: Straumehagen

Program: Nærings- og boligbygg (5 etasjer bolig, 1 etg. næring, 1 etasje parkering)

Type: Oppdrag/ Totalentreprise

Klient: Straumehagen AS (et samarbeid mellom Veidekke, OBOS og Sartor Holding)

Sted: Staume, Fjell kommune, Norge (adresse er Bildøyvegen 1A)

Størrelse: 8401 m2 BRA

Leiligheter: 43 (areal boligdel: 4630m2)

Næringsareal: 1636m2

Parkeirng (delt mellom bolig og næring) 2122m2

Periode: 2014 - 2017

Status: Under

Commercial buildings and housings in future regional centers.

Sartorgården and Straumehagen are amongst the first projects realized/initiated as part of Fjell Municipality and Hordaland Regions plans for compact urban development of Straume. The projects are part of the area plans for the new costal city at Sotra.

Sotra Costal City will give the residents a full-fledged urban offer where green structures are at focus and much consideration is given to pedestrians. A cavern has already been crafted underground, allowing for 1500 cars to park and hence making space for large and open public spaces and meeting points, green trees, cafés and restaurants. Cinemas, shops, restaurants and a broad selection of public and private services will also be located here, together with an extensive range of cultural and leisure activities.

The urban life at Straume will at the same time give close proximity to the unique nature and costal environment of Sotra.

The two projects, Sartorgården and Straumehagen, consist of a total of seven to nine floors; two underground parking floors, one-to-two floors for commercial business, shops and offices and five apartment floors. These buildings facilitate for good, common outdoor-areas on the cover of the commercial buildings, with residual buildings surrounding green courtyards where good connections and light is achieved with view to the surrounding nature.