The Office

3RW Architects was established in the fall of 1999 as a young and independent office. Since then 3RW have been working with a wide variety of projects and clients. At the moment we are engaged in projects expanding from singular housing in private context to various projects for local municipalities and companies designing public buildings, offices and urban housing densification. 3RW have also built up a wide expertise on urban planning and are at the moment consulting the Norwegian Ministry of Defence in developing new strategic concepts for their properties.

The Philosophy

3RW Architects focus on architecture as a tool for investigating social relationships within our society. We consider ourselves as a network-oriented company since it is our opinion that creating architecture, creating the framework of a dynamic society, is too big a task to be handled inside an office of architecture alone. Therefore we engage in many cooperative projects along with artists, scientists, engineers, anthropologists, ecologist, geographers, scenographers and writers, in order to be a proper participant in the discussion of our surroundings. Several members of the office are also teaching at the Bergen School of Architecture (BAS).

The Merits

3RW Architects have participated in the Venice Biennale 2006/2001 and the Havanna Biennale 2001 beside other national exhibitions of contemporary architecture. The office has won the Europe 40 under 40 Award in 2007 and members of 3RW have recieved the AR+D award, overall winner in the Architectural Review + D-Line Design price – 1999 and the Ruth & Ralph Erskine prize – 1997.

The Clients

3RW Architects works for a wide range of clients, such as; the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (developing concepts and designing viewpoints and tourist informations along two of the major tourist roads), the Norwegian Ministry of Defence (developing strategic concepts for their properties), various local municipalities (designing public buildings and urban plans), cultural administrations (developing public showrooms and public places), commercial developers (designing complex structures as multi programatical buildings) , private persons (developing housing in different scales), and Bergen School of Architecture (production of courses and teaching).

The People

3RW Architects is located in Bergen and consists of 5 partners, all architects: Sixten Rahlff,  Espen Rahlff , Haakon R. Rasmussen , Jakob Røsvik and Eirik W. Astrup. The office also has 9 employed architects; Susanne Puchberger,  Thomas Pfeffer, Eva Leonardi, Christian Hjelle, Daniel Tallarek, Inês Moço Pereira, Elida Mosquera, Cecilie Osmundsvaag and Jérôme Picard.

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