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26. October 2016
3RW qualified for designing the new government quarter, one of the most extensive construction projects in Norway

Statsbygg has selected seven design teams to participate in the interdisciplinary design contest for a new government quarter in Oslo. As part of TEAM DNA, 3RW has qualified for the plan- and design contest.
Team DNA - The Norwegian Architect office - gather expertise not only from Oslo, but also from the Bergen-, Stavanger-, Trondheim- and Tromsø region, thus contributing to a diversity of different geographical and socio-cultural positions necessary to create a representative government quarter.

Team DNA som består av Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter, Pir II, 3RW, LALA Tøyen, Smedsvig Landskapsarkitekter, WSP Norge, Høyer Finseth, Niras og ECT med underleverandører: SAAHA, 70° Nord, Deltatek» read more
26. October 2016
3RW wins new high profile project in the Bergen art and theatre scene

Hordaland Teater has awarded the team of 3RW and Fortunen the project of reconstructing and preparation of an annex of Logen Teater in Bergen, in collaboration with Masi Kulturkompetanse.

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1. August 2016
Grønneviksøren in Bangkok, Thailand !

Our summer scrolling led us to this very refreshing and inspirational studio unit from INTERNATIONAL PROGRAM IN DESIGN AND ARCHITECTURE at Chulalongkorn University.
They are investing forms of collective dwelling questioning precedents and speculating on its future.
Very proud to be part of the collection and beautiful work in model.
Have a look!
Work from students: Bam Prokchol Vataniyobol, Best Thanatchaporn Utsahajit, Bom Parit Treechadarat, May Nantakanta Ratanachiwapong, Non Thachanon Keeratiparadorn.
Tutors: Alicia Lazzaroni, Eric Wisarut Wattanachote, Francisco Garcia Moro, Fredrik Hellberg, Komthat Syamananda, Natalia Vera Vigaray, Peter Strzebniok, Scott Drake

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15. July 2016
Lecture at Osaka Institute of Technology
We were invited to join a lecture with architect Kimura Matsumoto at Osaka Institute of Technology, where we presented our work and discussed tradition with innovation, ageing places and urban regeneration, scale 1/1 details and the role of architect. The lecture was organised by Shigeki Maeda, architect and professor at the school but most especially an very dear friend from Paris now back in his hometown acting on the architectural and educational scene.» read more
14. June 2016
3RW wins new 17,000m2 international school, kindergarden, sport and culture facility at Lærerhayskolen, together with HLM, Multiconsult and Smedsvigs.

3RW wins new 17,000m2 international school, kindergarden, sport and culture facility at Lærerhayskolen, together with HLM, Multiconsult and Smedsvigs.
It is a very exciting working collaboration starting this week to transform this former educational complex into a mixed-use learning and civic facility.

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13. June 2016
Start-up meeting for the development of Haukeland underground station

Bybanen BT4 is continuing with good progress. Among the exciting objects for this new project phase, the development of Haukeland underground station is one of kind.
Overcoming the topographical challenge of the light-rail trace, delivering very high-quality outdoor and underground station linking the new wing of the hospital, the stepped plaza and the bus-stop are among the themes shaping tomorrow's Bergen public realm at Haukeland,

3RW works with Sweco Norge, Haugen VVA, Smedsvig Landskap, Trivector Traffic, Safetec, 3RW Arkitekter, Veseth, Oslo Economics and Sweco Sverige.

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8. June 2016
Our projects along the tourist road exhibited at gallery SpazioFMG in Milan, under the amazing eye of photographer Ken Schluchtmann
''On June 23 2016 SpazioFMG opens a summer exhibition about the Norwegian landscape and architectural projects implemented in the context of the National Tourist Routes programme. The exhibition includes 22 shots by photographer Ken Schluchtmann and original materials from the architects representing the most interesting, top quality constructions.'' Text from Curators Luca Molinari, Alessandro Benetti
 with the collaboration of Christiane Bürklein and the support of the Norwegian Embassy in Italy 
and Innovation Norway – The Norwegian Tourism Office In the context, Live green blog looks at Askvågen viewing platform part of the exhibition.» read more
31. May 2016
Chromatherapeutic contribution at Venice Nordic pavilion -In therapy- that opened today

Credits. Left picture: Laurian Ghinitoiu via Archdaily, Right picture: 3RW arkitekter

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12. May 2016
Housing project in Straume tops up

3RW recently visited the currently ongoing phase 2 at Straume.
The 8,400m2 housing building offers 51 apartments, commercial spaces and gives new perspective to the first phase delivered in 2012.

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30. April 2016
Work continues on Bybanen BT4 with updated informations available via Bergensprogrammet
3RW works with Sweco Norge, Haugen VVA, Smedsvig Landskap, Trivector Traffic, Safetec, 3RW Arkitekter, Veseth, Oslo Economics and Sweco Sverige.» read more
21. April 2016
Made in Rotterdam for 3RW office trip this year

This year we head to Rotterdam living on boat in the old port, riding bike across the city and witnessing the transformation of vibrant Rotterdam, awarded Europe best city for urbanism last year. Many exciting thing to look for, from local brewery, the architectural biennale and numerous new exciting and inspirational building.

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16. March 2016
3RW wins the transformation of KODE 1 Permanenten - West Norway Museum of Decorative Art

It is a great pleasure to collaborate again with KODE Art Museums of Bergen, in the rehabilitation of KODE 1 due to open in spring 2017. The project consists of the refurbishment of ground-floor, with new cafe/restaurant, art shop and reception, first floor, children gallery, third floor with new conference facility, library/event space & the board-room, and fourth floor with an updgrade of the offices.
The main ambition is to use this as an opportunity to display the hidden collection of KODE, currently in the closed archives, in the form of new 'cabinet de curiosité'. These are inserted in different way addressing the scale of the building closer to the original body, altered over time.

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14. March 2016
Conference within the project Artscape Norway today, National Monument on Vítkov Hill in Prague

We are participating today to the Conference '' Vítkov Hill – Landscape Art?'' discussing Norwegian landscape projects beyond visual aspects of public space and landscape as inspiration for the Czech Republic.
Sixten is presenting our project ''The Clearing'' at Utøya.

The clearing is a project that has been selected by the parents and politicians themselves, it has also been built with them. In that sense, one can read here the way Norwegian society has decided to deal with such a tragic event. The nature as a healing landscape and a chance to pace the sense of the individual and the national memory into the cycle of seasons. Perhaps here nature can help us get a bigger understanding of life and death and represent a Norwegian/Nordic attitude - humble, pacifists and enlightened - in front of such tragic event. Given today’s European turmoil, the meaning of a natural and landscaped memorial like the Clearing at Utøya proposes an alternative vision one Nordic society can associate with.

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2. March 2016
3RW is invited to the Venezia biennale for the third time!
3RW is invited to the 2016 Venezia Architecture Biennale with two of our projects “the Clearing” – memorial at Utøya and one of Europas biggest modular building “the student housing at Grønneviksøren". The overall theme for the biennale is “Reporting from the Front”. The 3RW projects will be part of the exhibition “In Therapy” in the Nordic Pavilion. According to the curators “In Therapy” will use the structure of Abraham Maslow’s 1954 ‘Hierarchy of Needs’ as an analytical lens and an observational springboard from which to explore and investigate architectural projects that have been instrumental in constructing contemporary Nordic society. » read more
16. February 2016
The City Between Freedom and Security, publication by BAS, NSM and PST will be presented by Line Myhre Flores with Anders Rubing part of this year Sikkerhetskonferansen in Oslo on March 17th, do not miss out!

The City Between Freedom and Security, publication by BAS, NSM and PST will be presented by Line Myhre Flores with Anders Rubing part of this year Sikkerhetskonferansen in Oslo on March 17th, do not miss out!

Haakon Rasmussen, in our long lasting working collaboration with the Ministry of Defense originated the Master course from which the publication is part of serie of outcomes surrounding the themes of Democracy and Security, and Security by Design.

Birkhauser Verlag GmbH

Bergen School of Architecture (BAS)

Deane Simpson
Vibeke Jensen
Anders Rubing

Cecilie Anderson
Haakon Rasmussen

Line Flores Myhre
Anders Sletten Eide

BachGärde Design & Communication

Bergen School of Architecture (BAS)
Norwegian National Security Authority (NSM)
Police Security Service(PST)

William Aarsland, Wenzel Mielke, Shreya Nagrath, Pavel Kunysz, Olav Vidvei, Mats Børseth Østang, Mathilde Rønning, Kasper Lygre Gulbrandsen, Karianne Fonn Jårvik, Karianne Sværen, Joakim Knutsen, Frede Vik, Erlend Espenæs, Anders Sletten Eide, Ragnhild Lien Olsen, Bjarte Baade Sandal, Line Flores Myhre

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17. January 2016
Bontalabo on the front page!
15. September 2015
3RW arkitekter and landscape firm Smedvigs Landskapsarkitekter AS are among the two teams selected to rethink the university district of Stavanger and Sola.

We are looking forward to start working on the feasibility study for the new campus and knowledge district of Stavanger and Sola, that has attracted a lot of interest.
A first site visit and kick-off meeting is planned on the 23rd of September.

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15. September 2015
The local newspaper Avisa Hordaland present status of planning work on Bømoen.

As part of the ongoing planingwork for Bømoen, it has in the last 4-5 months been ongoing impact assesments of 13 different themes, and we are now entering the exciting the final phase of this work. It has been studied 4 different options for each of the four subareas at Bømoen; West, South, North and East. This gives a good basis to compare different development levels and future scenarios for Bømoen. The purpose of these reports is to provide relevant scientific assessments that ensures the broadest possible basis for our evaluations and the future decision process at the municipal planning authority. After the alternative solutions are synthesized through an overall assessment process this fall, then the final plan proposal would be submitted to the municipality before Christmas 2015.

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29. July 2015
The Clearing. The story of a butterfly and the creation of a memorial.

This is a summary of the one-year process of designing and building the memorial after the July 22nd 2011 terror attack at Utøya.

Written by Haakon R. Rasmussen, CEO 3RW architects. The text was published in the Norwegian newspaper Bergen Tidende (BT) on July 22nd 2015 and has been translated to english by Torkil Heggstad.

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8. July 2015
Open day at the memorial today

With the ring installed an open day is being held on July 8 for people who want to visit the island. The flowers inside the clearing attracting the butterfly of the island will be planted in the coming days. The memorial will officially open on July 22.

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7. July 2015
Ongoing environmental investigations at Bømoen.
As part of the ongoing masterplan (områdeplan) for Bømoen, COWI is at the moment conducting environmental surveys with 200 sampling points throughout Bømoen. Due to a long and varied history of military activities, it is crucial to clarify the status of the soil and any remnants of contamination in the ground, before any eventually new development can take place. This summer there will also be made biological surveys and archaeological records from external professionals.» read more
5. July 2015
The memorial at Utøya is near completion
A major milestone was passed the last few days on the Utøya memorial project. The 1 ton steel ring with the names of the victims, were assembled and suspended from the tall pine trees in the clearing on the north side of the island where the memorial site is located. The assembly took place over a two-day period and involved both the craftsmen who has done the steelwork on the ring, and experienced arborists to carefully make the connective points for the suspension in the old trees. The only remaining work on the project now is the planting of flowers and herbs that have been chosen specially based on the different species of butterflies on the island, and their preferred plants to feed from. This work will be carried out during the coming week, and the project will be ready for the four year commemoration of the events that took place on July 22nd 2011. PHOTO: Jørgen Watne Frydnes» read more
28. May 2015
We discuss the future of Norwegian architecture tonight at ROM for Kunst og arkitektur.

Debattmøte 28. mai 2015 kl 18.30 - 20.30
I panelet:
Eriksen Skajaa Arkitekter v/ Joakim Skajaa
SAAHA v/ Adnan Harambasic
Spacegroup v/ Gro Bonesmo
Jensen & Skodvin Arkitekter v/Børre Skodvin
3RW Arkitekter v/ Sixten Rahlff
Jarmund/Vigsnæs Arkitekter v/ Einar Jarmund
Debattleder: Bård Helland Sivilarkitekt MNA

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28. May 2015
Do you want to take part in shaping the future of Bergen?
Due to recent new comissions, we are looking for experienced urban planners to strengthen our planning department. If this sounds interesting, send an e-mail to 3RW@3RW.no» read more
13. May 2015
3RW part of the panel at ''Bonansas tegnekonkurranse'' for dreamhouse drawing project

Arkitekt mener det burde satses mye mer på byrom, og at særlig de minste bør få mer plass å boltre seg på. Sjekk hvem som er med i juryen til tegnekonkurransen.

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13. May 2015
The memorial ‘’ Lysningen – The Clearing ’’ at Utøya is breaking ground.
Monday 11th of May construction work started on site at Utøya. The subtle landscape-adjustments are being executed in a careful manner to preserve the clearing as a biotope. No roots thicker than 2cm in diameter can be cut to ensure optimal conditions for the trees from which the 1-ton steel ring is suspended with the names of all the victims. The work is being carried out by experienced craftsmen and under advice of arborists and ecologists to ensure that the proper considerations are being taken. The memorial is to be finalized on July 22nd 2015 – commemorating the tragic events that took place on July 22nd 2011. » read more
11. May 2015
The transformation of the public square in Osøyro breaks ground.

Following the win of the competition in 2014 for the redevelopment Osøyro civic places, the first phase is breaking ground. It consists of the redevelopment of the main plaza and surrounding areas and his part of a wider plan 3RW is also invloved.

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11. May 2015
3RW selected by Bergen Municipality in parallel frame agreement for future development in the city.
The parallel frame agreement will include the assessment of future properties and site analysis, alternative use/development of existing building and development area, as well as initial conceptual choices for new and existing properties.» read more
10. May 2015
Notification of commencement of planning work in Os municipality.

3RW architects are planconsultant for preparation of detailed zoning plan, following up the their winner proposal "Elveosen" from 2014.
The purpose of planning is to facilitate connection along the western side of river Oselva towards center of Øyro, ie riverside promenade and the upgrading of urban spaces adjacent to it.

The plan was announced in puplic april 29 2015, and the deadline for comments to the plan is set to June 12 2015.

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8. May 2015
3RW arkitekter, in cooperation with SWECO Norge AS, has won the contract for the extension of Bergen Light Rail (Bybanen).

The Commissioner announced that the winning team submitted the best approach to the assignment. The team brings added-value, highlighting that important success criterion and focus areas for the project were described, and that the team demonstrated a focus on method, teamwork and process that gave a good and credible task-description of the various phases of the project.

3RW arkitekter will be responsible for several disciplines, such as architecture and urban planning, and the company will also take on leading roles for the master planning of the extensions of the Light Rail to Fyllingsdalen.
Extensive urban transformation will take place along the tracks in the coming period. Through the upcoming work, the first steps of this transformation will be designed.

3RW arkitekter are delighted to participate in this design process. We see here a unique opportunity to help shape the future allure of Bergen’s urban community, increasingly integrated, dense and forward-looking.
Our commitment to rethink the civic function, symbolism and added-value of the Light Rail as one of Bergen’s prominent urban actor is at the core of our design work to come.

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5. May 2015
Grønneviksøren Student Apartments is featured in the April issue of DETAIL.

Our project Grønneviksøren Student Apartments, shortlisted for the Mies van der Rohe Award, is featured in the april issue of DETAIL.

More information:

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5. May 2015
Depollution strategy at the heart of our Masterplan found surprising and pleasing according to Herøynytt

Depollution strategy at the heart of our Masterplan strategy surprising and pleasing

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5. May 2015
Sixten Rahlff, Jerome Picard from 3RW, Vivian Garnes from Plottaplan and Christian Mong present the final study for Fosnavåg masterplan

Sixten Rahlff, Jerome Picard from 3RW with Vivian Garnes from Plottaplan have presented the final study of the future vision for Fosnavåg. 3RW presentation have raised significant awareness on the risk that carries the future plan and today the locals call for a ‘Time-out’ to await for further urban strategy and framework from the team.
It is organized in collaboration with NAL, TreFokus and environmental foundation Zero. Team: 3RW Arkitekter / Plottaplan, / økolog Christian Mong / samfunnsgeograf Laima Nomeikaite / marinbiolog Anne-Laure Simonelli Illustration: Vestlandsnytt, mars 2015

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5. May 2015
Our playful participation at Snapshot at ROM galeri in Oslo

The student houses at Grønnevikøren are an attempt to answer one of our biggest challenges in growing cities today.
How do we create sustainable architecture for a great number of people who need homes for a low budget in the city center?
In a time when the population in urban areas is growing more rapidly than new buildings can be constructed, it is crucial that the
new generation of architects and planners are involved in shaping our new and densely populated surroundings.

Grønnevikøren represents one of the largest modular buildings in Europe.

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30. April 2015
Our second project in Sotra kystby, a 43 housing building, breaks ground.

Our second project in Sotra kystby, breaks ground. it will complete the first open court-yard building that 3RW has completed last year.

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16. April 2015
Espen Rahlff traces back Grønneviksøren Student Apartments history at BAS tonight
EUROPAN 13 i Bergen: MINI-WORKSHOP Har du tenkt å delta på Europan 13? Har du lyst til å møte andre som skal delta, eller finne noen å jobbe sammen med? Trenger du litt drahjelp til å komme i gang? Vi følger opp Europan-eventet på Landmark i går med en Katapult-kveld hvor vi fokuserer på tomten i Bergen. Vår gjest er Espen Rahlff fra 3RW som kommer for å snakke om mulighetsstudiet de gjorde på området rundt Store Lungegårdsvann, og som kan gi oss innblikk i situasjonen rundt Grønneviksøren. Så kjører vi en mini-workshop for å sette i gang ideer og prosesser! Kom på en kveld som inspirerer til samarbeid og konkurranse! Vi setter i gang torsdag 16. april kl 18.00 i biblioteket på BAS! Husk kontanter, det blir salg av drikke! Kl 20 er det åpning av NLAs utstilling på Robot, vi oppfordrer alle til å bli med videre dit.» read more
16. April 2015
Haakon Rasmussen represents Arkitektbedriftene i Norge for new norwegian standard
Haakon Rasmussen is participating as an expert representing Arkitektbedriftene i Norge in the working group to establish new norwegian standard NS5834 "Samfunnssikkerhet-beskyttelse mot tilsiktede handlinger - planlegging av sikringstiltak i bygg, anlegg og eiendom" » read more
16. April 2015
Ongoing planning process Bømoen halfway with impact assessments.
Bømoen Voss is a rare estate with 2300 acres, and the planning includes 24 projects and 13 topics to be studied. Daniel and Christian coordinates and conducts the complex planning through to delivery to the municipality. » read more
10. April 2015
3RW to participate to Snapshot the forthcoming exhibition at ROM in Oslo

ROM 23.04 – 21.06 2015

Kravene til dagens arkitektur øker. Prosessene er mer komplekse. Produksjonen endres. Forventningene til hva arkitekturen kan bidra med utvides.

Arkitekturen i dag, i globaliseringens tidsalder, er mer sammensatt enn på lenge og det er utfordrende å kunne utpeke fellestrekk og tendenser nasjonalt eller internasjonalt. I hvilken retning beveger arkitekturen seg? Er det mulig å se klare tendenser i dagens arkitektur?

Med Snapshot ønsker ROM å lage en utstilling som formidler et øyeblikksbilde fra samtiden innen arkitektur. Utstillingen ønsker å bringe frem arkitektstandens visjoner om betydningen av egen produksjon i en større kontekst og gi rom til refleksjon over deres egen profesjonelle rolle i dagens samfunn. Gjennom utstillingen, dialog og debattmøter i perioden skal vi diskutere hva som nettopp definerer samtiden i arkitektur i dag og hvilke mulighetsrom det skaper for faget fremover.

ROM henvendte seg derfor til et utvalg av norske arkitektkontorer med to konkrete spørsmål:

- Hva er den viktigste oppgaven for arkitekturen i dag?
- Hva er potensialet for arkitekturen i fremtiden?

Deltagere i utstillingen er:

- 3RW arkitekter
- A-Lab
- Atelier Oslo
- Biotope arkitekter
- Carl-Viggo Hølmebakk
- CODE: arkitektur
- Element arkitekter
- Eriksen Skajaa arkitekter
- Ghilardi + Hellsten arkitekter
- Haugen / Zohar arkitekter
- Helen & Hard
- Jarmund / Vigsnæs arkitekter
- Jensen & Skodvin
- LaLa.
- PIR II arkitekter
- PML arkitektur
- Reiulf Ramstad arkitekter
- Rintala Eggertsson arkitekter
- Rodeo arkitekter
- Saunders arkitektur
- Superunion arkitekter
- Tyin Tegnestue

Utstillingen åpner torsdag 23. April 2015 kl 18:00


// ROM skal arrangere flere dialog- og debattmøter i utstillingsperioden. Tidspunkter og deltagerpanel til arrangementene vil bli annonsert ved åpningen av utstillingen.

/// For spørsmål og henvendelser angående prosjektet kontakt Henrik der Minassian post@r-o-m.no eller 90 91 10 04

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7. April 2015
Bergen new cultural flagship within the cultural quarter. Bergens Tidende is featuring our study for the new Musikkteater

Discussion surrounding the future of the cultural quarter in Bergen are featuring 3RW Arkitekter study for new concert and theatre venue in the vicinity of the Kulturehuset USF. The article is featured in today Bergens Tidende edition, p.36-37

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25. March 2015
The school in Burkino Faso are in the weld!
The modular steel work and the foundation on site will soon be ready! The entire construction will be test mounted I Belgium in June. Building start on site in Sabou is scheduled for August. » read more
24. March 2015
New findings for Fosnavåg from 3RW and Plottaplan in public consultation following the presentation
Sixten Rahlff, Jerome Picard and Vivian Garnes present alternative strategies to the opportunistic land-filling during the workshop with local communities, the day after the mid-term presentation. Team: 3RW Arkitekter / Plottaplan, / økolog Christian Mong / samfunnsgeograf Laima Nomeikaite / marinbiolog Anne-Laure Simonelli Illustration: Vestlandsnytt, mars 2015 Nr. 22, Front page, page 6-7 » read more
23. March 2015
3RW mid-term presentation calls for a ‘Time out’ on current land fill ‘laissez-faire’
Sixten Rahlff, Jerome Picard from 3RW with Vivian Garnes from Plottaplan have presented the mid-term study of the future vision for Fosnavåg. 3RW presentation have raised significant awareness on the risk that carries the future plan and today the locals call for a ‘Time-out’ to await for further urban strategy and framework from the team. More to come end April with the final submission. It is organized in collaboration with NAL, TreFokus and environmental foundation Zero. Team: 3RW Arkitekter / Plottaplan, / økolog Christian Mong / samfunnsgeograf Laima Nomeikaite / marinbiolog Anne-Laure Simonelli Illustration: Vestlandsnytt, mars 2015 Nr. 22, Front page» read more
7. February 2015
3RW and Plottaplan has been shortlisted for Fosnavåg masterplan
3RW and Plottaplan has been shortlisted among the three teams out of the initial sixteen groups to respond to the question for the future development of Fosnavåg. This urban project is a pilot project for the city and the West coast region, in collaboration with NAL, TreFokus and environmental foundation Zero. Team: 3RW Arkitekter / Plottaplan, / økolog Christian Mong / samfunnsgeograf Laima Nomeikaite / marinbiolog Anne-Laure Simonelli » read more
7. January 2015
3RW designing  elementary School in Burkina Faso
The establishment of a new primary school for 120 pupils is initiated as part of the Belgian development support to Burkina Faso. The project targets to facilitate for the development of social infrastructure in the district of Sabou. 3RW arkitekter is involved with the establishment of a new primary school for 120 pupils, initiated as part of the Belgian development support to Burkina Faso. The project targets to facilitate for the development of social infrastructure in the district of Sabou. The project includes the creation of six teaching pavilions surrounding a central common outdoor area. The project also includes the administrative and sanitary areas, as well as a common space for preparation and serving of food to the pupils. Adjacent outdoor areas, such as a kitchen garden for production of foods, will also be provided. Cultivation in the kitchen garden will be part of the training program of the school. • A module building, combining mobile steel construction with local building traditions • Strong focus on cost efficient solutions, able to maintain locally. A strong focus on the school as a social arena in the local society, also for after school activities. » read more
2. December 2014
3RW wins the competition to design memorial on Utøya.

3RW together with ecologist Christian E. Mong, researcher Joseph Chipperfield, and Fabian Schnuer Gohde (illustrations), have won the competition to propose memorial on Utøya. The memorial is to be finalized on July 22nd 2015 – commemorating the tragic events that took place on July 22nd 2011. Survivor of the attack, and member of the memorial committee, Vegard Grøslie Wennesland, comments the proposal saying "the idea is both sophisticated and unpretentious. No matter what social, cultural or religious affiliation, you can feel welcome here. It will be a beautiful place for remembrance".

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28. November 2014
3RW at Swedish Association of Architects architecture gala!

As former winner of the Ralph Erskine award, architect Sixten Rahlff talks about his own experiences round socially related architecture.

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11. November 2014
Article on 3RW's feasibility study in Indre Arna!

To plan new urban development in Arna, a clear vision that bases itself on the fjord landscape and takes it in to account, is needed. 3RW Architects together with S333 Architecture + Urbanism, Jérôme Picard and Christian E. Mong have developed a concept that suggests moving the city center to Storaneste while strengthening the industry activities along the meander and to establish floating houses on the fjord. The proposal have created great interest and debate.

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10. November 2014
3RWs Grønneviksøren has been nominated for the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture - Mies van der Rohe Award 2015!

We are so proud to be nominated for the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture - Mies van der Rohe Award 2015!

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13. October 2014
3RWs "Viewpoint Askvågen" featured in Ken Schluchtmann's photo book – "Architecture and Landscape in Norway"!

Foto: Ken Schluchtmann

Hatje Cantz published this beautiful book by the well known architectural and commercial photographer Ken Schluchtmann. You can order the book here; http://www.hatjecantz.de/ken-schluchtmann-6196-1.html» read more
7. October 2014
3RW signs new contract with The Norwegian Defence Estates Agency!
3RW signed a new contract with the Norwegian Defence Estates Agency (NDEA) this week. The contract concerns strategic planning for buildings, real estate and facilities used by the Norwegian Armed Forces. The contract is one of the biggest of its kind ever signed by our office, and will be very important for the future development of the branch for strategic planning at 3RW Architects. The defence sector represents the largest real estate operator in Norway, and planning for strategic development of a structure this big is a rare opportunity. We are very excited to be able to take part in this. CEO of 3RW Architects, Haakon Rasmus Rasmussen, will lead the team of planners that will work on the NDEA-project.» read more
10. September 2014
3RW and NORD wins "EU Innobuild" competition on developing care homes in Lyngdal, Norway!

Together with Nord Architects, 3RW will again develop innovative and user oriented care homes for the elderly. The task is to develop the project from programming to realization in a co-creation process.

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20. August 2014

October 13th the seminar "Designing out crime" will take place at Scandic Solli hotel in Parkveien 68, Oslo. Our CEO Haakon Rasmussen will give a talk about "Security, space and problems". The talk will be given in Norwegian.

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8. July 2014
3RW shortlisted to propose feasibility study for Indre Arna!

As one of three pre-qualified firms, 3RW – together with S333 Architecture + Urbanism, Jérôme Picard and ecologist Christian E. Mong – is shortlisted to propose feasibility studies for Indre Arna.

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3. July 2014
Haakon Rasmussen gives a talk on Arkitekturdagen in Bergen, September 11th!

During this year's Arkitekturdagen you will meet several interesting speakers who take our present time on the pulse, look ahead and show current examples within sustainable development and architecture. More information will come when the date approaches, in the meantime you can read more here. (In Norwegian)

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25. June 2014
Grønneviksøren to the top in photo competition!

Photographer Cecilie Bannow wins the architecture round in the Norwegian photo competition Fotografen 2014 with this picture of SIB Grønneviksøren.  3RW is proud and excited that this photo of one of our biggest projects wins. Read more about the competition here:

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20. June 2014
3RW wins "Bydraget i Os" – transformation of the public square in Osøyro.

3RW won the competition regarding transformation of the public square in Osøyro. The project will start in the fall of 2014.

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17. June 2014
3RW's Askvågen Viewpoint-project exhibited in Landscape Festival Prague 2014!

3RW is proud to have the Askvågen Viewpoint-project exhibited at the Landscape Festival Prague 2014. As explained on the festival's site; "the landscape architecture is still somewhat neglected in the public discussion. This project should spread knowledge and interdisciplinary dialogue of both Czech and abroad scholars." 3RW is excited to be a part of this important discussion, and urge those who can to take part and visit the festival and exhibition. Read more here: http://landscape-festival.cz/en/


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1. June 2014
3RW shortlisted to propose memorial on Utøya.

3RW is one of four architect firms to pre-qualify in the international competition to propose a memorial on Utøya. The assigner is AUF.

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25. April 2014
City, village or cityvillage? How do we create a lively center in Kleppestø, Askøy?

Espen Rahlff presents 3RW's feasibility study for the densification of Kleppestø, Askøy.

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11. March 2014
Do we have visions for the center of Bergen? How do we make it attractive and eventful, with good qualities and viable commerce?

The future development and use of Bergen city center is a constant object for debate. The discussion concern multiple topics, for instance; advertising in the public space, parking, active façades on buildings, content in buildings, densification, housing, the cultural offer, the disintegration of certain areas, the drug issues, the transformation of areas, transport and infrastructure,  new and old architecture, green areas, meeting points, climate, conservation, renewals…

The content in Bergen city center is heavyset and concerns many people, both users and traders.

Steinar Kristoffersen from Bergen Sentrum AS and 3RW Architects will give a talk on this theme; "Visions for Bergen Sentrum".

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4. March 2014
Read  "Lagunens uutholdelige letthet" by Sixten Rahlff in the new issue of Eiendomsmagasinet.

 Lagunens uutholdige letthet.  

I første utgave av Eiendomsmagasinet etterspør Bergen kommunes plansjef Mette Svanes dristigere utbyggere som har mot og vilje til å bygge mer spennende bygg som peker inn mot framtiden.  I artikkelen mener hun at Bergen ligger et godt stykke bak andre sammenlignbare byer som f.eks Stavanger i det å klare å få fram kvalitative gode bygg. Hun har helt klart et poeng.  Både utbyggere og arkitekter, men også fagetater og politikere må vise vilje, mot og evne slik at man sammen kan forme våre omgivelser på en stadig bedre og mere helhetlig måte.  Men det ensidige negative bildet som i det siste er fremmet bl.annet i BT om ny arkitektur i Bergen (fra mer eller mindre kvalifisert hold), synes overdrevet.  Det finnes en rekke gode eksempler på prosjekter som kunne vært trukket fram som eksempler på god arkitektur og byutvikling.

Mer interessant enn å diskutere om enkeltbygg er stygge eller pene, er hva de enkelte byggene gjør for byen og for de menneskene de er bygget for. Kanskje enda viktigere er å diskutere hvordan vi tilrettelegger for disse byggene gjennom overordnede planer og reguleringsplaner som i stor grad definerer både høyder og form for det som senere skal bygges.  Det er her man virkelig legger grunnlaget for enkeltbyggenes skjebne.  Ser man f.eks på reguleringsplanen for vestsiden av Damsgårdsundet, der kommunen la inn en nærmest enhetlig høyde på alle bygg langs hele sjøfronten, skjønner man også hvordan området ble fratatt en sårt tiltrengt dynamikk.  Allerede her begår man en kardinalfeil innen god dynamisk byforming. Et enkelt prinsipp for gode byer er at mangfold skaper variasjon og rom for ulike mennesker å trives og leve sine ulike liv.

Vi står overfor nye og store utfordringer i planleggingen og byggingen av fremtidens Norge. Både når det gjelder fortetning av våre historiske byer, men også når det gjelder planlegging av våre forsteder som i stadig større grad transformeres mot selvstendige, autonome byområder.

Ikke siden etter 2. verdenskrig har befolkningen i de urbane strøk vokst hurtigere enn man klarer å planlegge for.  Faktisk er presset på byene så enormt, at nødvendigheten av fortetning for å minske transportbehov er prekært.

Med bybanen som aktivator har vi i dag en unik mulighet til å utvikle dynamiske og mangfoldige bysentrum og forsteder som kombinerer bærekraft med boligkvalitet i tette miljø tilpasset en fleksibilitet som er nødvendig for nye familiestrukturer.

Et av de største transformasjonsområdene i den framtidige utviklingen av Bergen er områdene omkring  Lagunen.  De siste 10 år har det vært en betydelig utvikling av disse områdene, og en mengde nye boliger har blitt oppført. I selve kjøpesenterområdet  planlegger Olav Thon og hans medinvestorer nybygg inneholdende handel, kontor, parkering og bolig på 350 000 m2 stipulert til 5 milliarder kroner. Den uttalte ambisjonen til utbygger og kommunen er å etablere en ny by. Reguleringsplanen er nå i ferd med å sluttbehandles. Ser man på planmaterialet og illustrasjonene som er utarbeidet, er det slående  hvor generisk og monotom den nye byen tegner til å bli. Mere eller mindre enhetlige kvartalstrukturer med bygg alle på rundt 5 – 6 etasjer. Stedegne forutsetninger som omkringliggende topografi og lokalklima later ikke til å være hensyntatt overhodet. Byplanen kunne lagt hvor som helst på en stor nok flate på kloden.

Sammen med 3RW arkitekter var jeg selv med i starten av denne prosessen hvor ulike internasjonale team bestående av arkitekter og planleggere var innbudt til å komme med forslag til ønsket utvikling av Lagunen som by. Et ambisiøst prosjekt der man jobbet med å reetablere dalens tapte topografi ved å terrassere den nye bygningsmassen ned mot dalbunnen. Kjøpesenter og parkering nederst med service og boliger øverst knyttet sammen av grønne tak med overganger over den sterkt trafikerte Laguneveien. Slik kunne man styrke dalens betydning og forsterke tilgangen til sjøen, etablere gode forbindelser på tvers av dalen og opparbeide attraktive grønne byrom for å oppnå en bæredyktig urbanisme som vil føre til et regionalt og lokalt sentrum med sterk identitet. Alt dette i tråd med kommunens høye ambisjoner.

Når vi nå ser resultatet som er jobbet med siden 2009 lurer man på hvor det ble av alle kvalitetene i det som skulle bli den nye grønne framtidsrettede byen? Og når man i tillegg leser at politikerne og utbyggerne er strålende fornøyd med resultatet, sågar kaller byråd for byutvikling i Bergen, Filip Rygg dette for byutvikling på sitt beste, er det betimelig å reise spørsmålet om kvaliteten i de prosesser som føres for nye store byutviklingsområder. Det kanskje viktigste spørsmålet er hvilke kvaliteter kjennetegner en god og tett by?

Det finnes strålende eksempler på dette i både i det historiske og moderne Europa, der det å bo tett faktisk regnes som en stor kvalitet.  Man trenger ikke å reise lengre en til Drammen for å se hvordan de har klart å utvikle sin by på en mangfoldig og innovativ måte fra et forferdelig utgangspunkt. Her framstår både den helhetlige byplan og enkeltdelene som landskapsinngrep og bygg med en kraft og holdning som man kan lære mye av.

Bergen har en unik mulighet til å bli en by for gode eksempler på urban fortetning. Men da må alle aktører innen byggenæringen delta aktivt for å løfte utviklingen i riktig retning. Ikke minst politikerne og planavdelingen i kommunen.

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26. February 2014

The courses are a 3-day programme and addresses different issues regarding physical security. For more information about the courses, check out the NSM website:  https://www.nsm.stat.no/Kurs-og-konferanser/Kurs-i-objektsikkerhet--fysisk-sikring-2014/

The target group for the courses are security managers and project leaders in agencies and private businesses that own or manage objects that require protection from espionage, sabotage or acts of terrorism.

Rasmussen will also lecture on the two next courses that are scheduled this spring in Oslo. His lecture is called “Security, space and problems” and focuses on how the implementation of security measures influence our cities and physical environment.

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20. February 2014
3RW wins competition to develop 12 000 m2 health care facilities in Randaberg!

Together with Nord Architects, 3RW won the competition to join health care institutions in Randaberg to a new 12 000 m2 "health care hamlet".

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18. February 2014
Zeppelin Evenings  # 51 Bucuresti / Contemporary Norwegian Architecture:  Haakon Rasmussen / 3RW

The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Romania together with the National Museum of Contemporary Art (MNAC) and Zeppelin Association are pleased to invite you to the conference


Zeppelin Evenings # 51 / Contemporary Norwegian Architecture: Leading Architects

Tuesday, February 18, 2014, starting with 6 pm @ MNAC


Norwegian architecture, an evolution from craft to international brands. Speakers:

  • Torunn Golberg / Jensen & Skodvin Arkitektkontor AS
  • Haakon Rasmussen / 3RW
  • Nils Ole Brandtzæg / Atelier Oslo


Cultural event connected with the exhibition "Contemporary Norwegian Architecture #7", open at National Museum of Contemporary Art (MNAC) from January 23 to March 22, 2014 and made by The Norwegian National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design - Oslo


National Museum of Contemporary Art (MNAC), str. Izvor 2-4, Palace of the Parliament, wing E4, 1st floor, Bucharest (entrance through Calea 13 Septembrie)

Organizers: The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Romania, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Zeppelin Association.

Program financed by EEA and Norway Grants

Sponsor: Reynaers

Partener of Zeppelin events: UAUIM

Media partners: Șapte Seri, Modernism.ro, Cărturești, RFI

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28. January 2014
3RW wins Skjoldnes competition!

3RW wins Skjoldnes competition for 75 housing units in colaboration with Smedsvig landskapsarkitekter and Norconsult.

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19. December 2013
3RW at Cornell university - USA.

Sixten is external examiner at the master program.

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30. October 2013
Haakon Rasmussen foreleser om sikkerhet i det offentlige rom.

Sted: Kunsthallen - Galleri NO.5 - 30 okt. kl 1900. På arrangementet neste onsdag har Bergen Arkitektforening utrustet seg med et svært kompetent panel som skal snakke omkring utfordninger knyttet til dagens trusselbilde, samt hvilke konsekvenser dette medfører for prosjektering og planlegging

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25. October 2013
3RW har fått ny hjemmeside og logo!!!

Utviklet i samarbeid med Grand People/Anti. Programører: Mediebruket.

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