Nye Varheim


Public - Welfare service


Competition – 1 price.


Randaberg municipality

In collaboration with:

Nord architects and ecologist Christian Mong


Randaberg, Norway


12 000 m2


2013 - 2020



Project description is taken from Arch Daily`s report:

New Healthcare Center Winning Proposal / NORD Architects + 3RW Architects

The two young Scandinavian design practices, NORD Architects from Copenhagen, Denmark and 3RW Architects from Bergen, Norway, have recently won the competition for the design of a new healthcare center in Randaberg, Norway which is designed to be like a modern Hamlet. The architects have set on a course to reform the Nordic welfare services from within. With their new healthcare facility, Nye Vardheim Helsecenter, they have designed a place where people can get treatment, recreate and be nursed.

The new healthcare facility offers a broad range of different treatments under one roof from nursing homes to doctors’ consultations and therapy. The building measures 11,000 sqm but seems much smaller thanks to a design where the building is scaled down to smaller entities. Each house in the building is built with natural materials and offers a homely atmosphere.

Nye Vardheim Helsecenter is a new way to build public institutions. Here people can come to get treatment, to restitute and socialize. Unlike traditional healthcare facilities the building reaches out to the community with a number of public meeting places. The healthcare center has the potential to redefine the way we think about welfare institutions in the future.

Nye Vardheim Helsecenter is built as a community of houses to ensure a varied and exciting architecture, while making the optimal connection between the different functions in the building. A solid base in natural stone connects the houses, which are almost exclusively built in wood. Between the houses a myriad of courtyards, recreational gardens and green houses make a green and welcoming atmosphere.