Artist: Maria Sundby



Student flats for families




Studentsamskipnaden i Bergen


Fantoft - Bergen


77 flats


2008 - 2010


Completed 2010

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Painting on wall


Maria Sundby


Completed 2010

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In collaboration with:

Smedsvig Landskapsarkitekter



Fantoft Studentby

Development of ‘Fantoft Student City’

Project description:

The Fantoft area is a part of the municipality of Bergen. It is situated 15 minutes south of the city core, and has typical Norwegian suburb traits. The housing typologies are mainly single-unit dwellings with private gardens, mixed with large residential blocks of flats. Additionally some small business and office activity, one grocery store, and large green areas, fill the space in-between.

3RW Architects work with the Student Accommodation area at Fantoft started in the autumn of 2006. As a new city tram stop was to be established at Fantoft, the need for a regulation plan was urgent. The plan was made by 3RW, working with the student organization, SiB.

New student housing, offices, shops, kindergarten, and upgraded outdoor areas were to be worked out.

To day the ‘Student City’ at Fantoft, consists of five large residential blocks, built in typical sixties and seventies style. With 1344 units in all, including Bergens highest building, the area makes quite an impact at a local scale. The housing units are mainly ‘singles’, including only two family units.

The development plan displays a condensation proposal where new buildings are to be established at areas unsuitable for outdoor and recreational activity. It also stresses the importance of adding an urban quality by giving an emphasized central area in connection to a new ‘shopping street’ and the City Tram stop. A green area and adjacent park south in the plan range, maintain the connection to the surrounding neighborhood.

SiBs expansion with four new buildings are to hold a mix of family, community and single units, holding 660 new units. The expansion of Helmers AS is to hold more office and business activity, such as shops, mixed with regular housing.

In the middle of 2008 3RW Architects finished their work with the ‘Student City’ regulation plan. Later in 2008 they started their work with two of SiBs buildings at Fantoft, one up close to the City Tram Stop, and one on top of the City Tram tunnel. The two slim, curved buildings contain 77 family apartments at single rows, enabling light and view at both sides. A common continuous balcony at each floor, constitute a social arena, as well as an out door space for the residents to relax in the evening sun. The architecture reflects a clear contrast to the existing built mass, with bodies relating to the situation in a dynamic and active manner.