The memorial at Utøya is near completion

memorial at Utøya is near completion

A major milestone was passed the last few days on the Utøya memorial project. The 1 ton steel ring with the names of the victims, were assembled and suspended from the tall pine trees in the clearing on the north side of the island where the memorial site is located. The assembly took place over a two-day period and involved both the craftsmen who has done the steelwork on the ring, and experienced arborists to carefully make the connective points for the suspension in the old trees. The only remaining work on the project now is the planting of flowers and herbs that have been chosen specially based on the different species of butterflies on the island, and their preferred plants to feed from. This work will be carried out during the coming week, and the project will be ready for the four year commemoration of the events that took place on July 22nd 2011. PHOTO: Jørgen Watne Frydnes

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