We want to develop a residential area where qualities such as recreation, attraction and presence will be the leading principles. By directing the attention towards each individual housing and its relationship to the landscape, we will ensure that a qualitative living environment can be developed.

Based on the area’s natural features, we have designed a common residential environment that forms a uniform and strong identity meandering shape in the north end of plot area. Thereby ensures that housing will get the best views in all directions while the existing natural park in the south are not destroyed.

Eastward shaped dwellings around the natural knoll on Kråkehaugen are accumulated as an inner intimate garden for play and recreation. The settlement provides natural space for existing homes located on the plot. To the west stretches the settlement itself and placed ostentatiously into the existing terrain.

The unifying rollout is divided into seven different buildings that all have unitary construction principles but which are all different in shape and position. Between the buildings opened patios for common living and communication within the facility.

The project contains 70 apartments with sizes ranging from 90 m² to 180 m². There is an special emphasis on defining an appropriate placement of building infrastructures that enables a flexible room organisation that will allow a high level of customisation by the users.

The project is proposed to be developed in three different stages:
Phase 1: building 1 and 2
Phase 2 building 3 and 4
Phase 3: building 5, 6 and 7

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