Riverpromenade Oselva

3RW is currently involved in the renewal process of the public areas in the centre of Os. First phase is currently undergoing with the renovation of the pavements, introductions of new canopies and the construction of a city pavilion in the main square of the town. The connection with the riverside will start in an imminent second phase. 3RW assisted Os municipality during the entire planning process.
The area includes nine properties along Oselva river, a total area of 8,4 DAA. There have also been studies for the creation of new urban spaces within the area, including a “River Square” with universal accessibility to the water front and the possibility of the establishment of a new footbridge over the river.

3RW is also responsible for preparing and coordinating all legal, formal documents that provides the basis for the design and presentation of planning proposals (plan provisions, planning map, plan description including risk analysis (ROS), annotation comments and illustrations).

Key themes that have been discussed during the planning process were focusing on best strategies for public disclosure of the shore to Oselva and Baronselva, strategies for residential and commercial infill, the establishment and location of new urban spaces and upgrading of existing strategies linking the riverside promenade with the shopping street Øyro.

Other important themes included strategies for protection of the waterways with another assessment of risk reduction measures for erosion and the effects of flooding and securing outdoor activities and small boat traffic along Oselva river.

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