3RW arkitekter and COWI win new contract for the Norwegian Defence Estates Agency!

\ 01.07.2017

The Norwegian Defence Estates Agency (NDEA), has awarded the contract for a large project at Haakonsvern in Bergen to COWI in cooperation with 3RW arkitekter. The project will have immediate startup. 

Haakonsvern is located in the outskirts of Bergen, and is one of the largest naval bases in the north of Europe. In the new assignment, awarded on May 12th 2017, 3RW arkitekter will contribute with project management and architectural disciplines, while COWI will be responsible for all the technical disciplines. The assignment is demanding, has an ambitious momentum and will require a wide multidisciplinary cooperation. The evaluation document for the tender shows that COWI and 3RW scored the highest of all the bidders on both price and quality. Both companies have a significant portfolio of reference projects for the NDEA that extend far back in time.
The NDEA is a customer that demands high standards, and it is very satisfying to confirm that we have what it takes to take on these assignments,” says Bjørn Instanes, regional manager in COWI.

High ambitions on environmental issues:
The assignment includes energy solutions for Haakonsvern Naval Base. The NDEA have in recent years had a particular focus on energy management, and in cooperation with Enova, they have reduced the annual energy consumption in the defense sector by 136 GWh since 2012. This is equivalent to the annual consumption of approx. 6,800 Norwegian households. The recently won contract at Haakonsvern will further support the ambitious environmental profile of the NDEA.

Succesful colaboration:
In recent years, COWI and 3RW have collaborated on several assignments, both within the defense sector, but also in other public procurement.
We have had a very successful cooperation for many years, both in connection with studies and impact assessments as part of planning assignments, as well as multidisciplinary design projects” says Instanes.

Together, COWI and 3RW have developed a new central area for Os, prepared impact assessments for the large masterplan for Bømoen in Voss, and are involved in the preliminary design phase for the development of new housing solutions at Haakonsvern.

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photo credit: Forsvaret

3RW arkitekter and COWI win new contract for the Norwegian Defence Estates Agency!