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3RW arkitekter is a Bergen-based office with a playful portfolio built on practical experience, engaged socio-cultural work and creativity. It focuses on architecture, landscape, planning and design.

From Bergen’s vibrant artistic & cultural scene and the Open Form movement 3RW arkitekter was established in the fall of 1999 as a young and independent office, strongly rooted in Bergen’s art and cultural scene. The founding partners were all educated at the independent Bergen Architecture School, BAS, founded by Svein Hatløy, a pioneer architect and a significant theoretician, who was working with Oscar Hansen on the concept of “open form”. During his professional and academic practice in Norway, Open Form was about creating an inclusive architecture with democratic expression in the sense that architecture serves the change of modern lifestyle while establishing a strong interaction with the landscape. In its early years, 3WR’s practice has benefited from this new way of conceptualizing space and design; a new way that helped shape an alternative Norwegian practice in the fields of art and architecture.


3RW arkitekter AS
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Marianne Brattebø
Interior Architect
Marianne Brattebø is educated as an interior architect, with a Masters degree in design from the Art and Design College of Bergen (2015) and in public school teaching from the University College in Bergen (2009). Through her masters Marianne specialized in the planning and design of creative learning environments, focusing on multi-use and flexible solutions in common areas. She has gained expertise within planning of educational and cultural buildings and workplaces. Her masters project was been nominated for Statsbygg Award for outstanding interior architecture in 2015. After her studies, Brattebø worked as an interior architect and as a freelancer until joining 3RW arkitekter in 2017.
Image of Marianne Brattebø
Lars J Cohen
Architecture and Planning
Lars J Cohen holds a Bachelor in Architecture from Kingston University London and a post graduate Diploma in Architecture from South Bank University, London. He is an architect and project-coordinator with over 11 years of international experience working in the building industry. In the period 2012-2017 Cohen worked in the Norwegian Defense Estate Agency (NEDA), as plan and portfolio manager, being involved in all the new projects for the NDEA in western and southern Norway. In his role as manager, he understands how results are achieved with good leaderships. This has given Cohen an extensive insight into public facility management as well as being involved with large complex building projects in the public sector. Since 2017 Cohen holds the position of senior architect in 3RW, where he undersees the project for the underground station at Haukeland Hospital, currently in its 4th construction phase for the Bergen City Rail.
Image of Lars J Cohen
Haakon Rasmus Rasmussen
Architecture and Planning. Partner
Haakon Rasmus Rasmussen is a Founding Partner of 3RW arkitekter and has lead the office’s planning and feasibility projects since 2001. Rasmussen has extensive experience in project and design management, construction economics and LCC analysis. He is specialized in building and urban space security, and was co-editor of the new National Norwegian Standard NS5834, "Societal security - Protection against intentional undesirable actions - Planning of security measures in the built environment", that was published in 2016. Rasmussen has 17 years of experience from projects within the Norwegian Defence Sector, where he has been a counsellor for the sector’s recent restructuring processes, engaging in projects spanning from national plans to buildings and installations. He is the associate editor The City Between Security and Freedom (2017) and the co-editor of GIS; the Geographic Language of our Age (norwegian edition 2008, English edition 2009), which has been used as a manual for introducing GIS as a planning tool since. Between 2011 and 2015, he was CEO of 3RW arkitekter, and he was recently a manager in the Bergen Light Rail masterplan project in cooperation with Sweco. Apart from practicing, Rasmussen teaches at colleges and universities in Norway and abroad, and is part of national and international juries for architectural and planning competitions.
Image of Haakon Rasmus Rasmussen
Espen Rahlff
Architecture and Planning. Partner
Espen Rahlff is a Founding Partner of 3RW arkitekter and currently the project manager of many of the office’s larger projects. He is experienced in architectural design, feasibility and planning studies and masterplans. Since the beginning of the 90s, Rahlff has been a faculty member of the Bergen School of Architecture (BAS), where he has been actively engaged in developing the school’s «open form» approach as well as teaching and tutoring. Rahlff is an international lecturer and workshop leader with a significant international network. He served as Director at BAS between 2004 and 2011, and 3RW arkitekter CEO between 2005 and 2010. Currently Rahlff is project manager for the first underground light-rail station in Bergen, Haukeland Hospital.
Image of Espen Rahlff
Jakob Røsvik
Architecture and Planning. Partner
Jakob Røsvik is a Founding Partner of 3RW arkitekter and he has played a key role in a lot the office’s portfolio. Røsvik has broad experience as design manager for several major studies and planning and project assignments. He has detailed knowledge in many issues related to the design of complex structures, including the ability to join and lead interdisciplinary project teams. Røsvik works regularly as tutor and lecturer at architecture schools, and has led several workshops at home and abroad.
Image of Jakob Røsvik
Heidi Karlsen Aarstad
Interior Architect
Heidi Karlsen Aarstad graduated as an interior architect from Bergen University of Art and Design, with a Master in Design completed in 2017, in addition to her degree in Nursing Sciences from Kristiansand’s Agder University (2010). She then started her own company where she has specialized as a color designer – this led her to create, among other things, a color guide for Eigersund Municipality where she focused on urban space as contributing to place identity, culture protection and health. Through her Master's degree she specialized in health and architecture with the intention to formulate a critique of contemporary discourses on health and architecture, studying notions of architecture as "good framework for medical treatment" and of architecture as a complementary contributor for bettered public health. With her eight years of experience as a nurse at Haukeland university hospital in Bergen, Heidi has accumulated competence in health building typologies, with an architectural focus on both medical efficiency and human quality. Her thesis received the 2017 Statsbygg student prize for Excellent Interior Architecture. In her work, Heidi places great emphasis on the influence of the environment on man, on user experiences and complementary concepts of inclusivity and wellbeing.
Image of Heidi Karlsen Aarstad
Trygve Solløs
Architecture and Planning
Trygve Solløs graduated from Bergen Architecture School (BAS) in 2008 and joined 3RW arkitekter in 2017. With an education and 12 years’ experience as a wooden boat builder, he is specialised in wooden constructions and has a broad expertise in building and restauration of traditional wooden structures. As an architect, his experience ranges from housing to museum projects. From 2011 – 2013 he worked at Code:Architecture in Oslo where he was involved in residential projects and specialised in REVIT. From 2013, Solløs worked for Museum Vest as an architect and consultant on the rehabilitation and restoration of historical buildings. During this period he made the plans through all project phases for three new museum projects: Herdla Museum (finished 2017), the reception and shop at The Norwegian Fisheries Museum in Bergen (finished 2016), and an ongoing extension of Kystmuseet in Øygarden. Recently he has completed the design of a single family house in Drammen. In parallel to practicing architecture, Solløs has been a teacher at the Bergen Architecture School.
Image of Trygve Solløs
Réka Bánkuti-Tóth
Architecture and Planning, Sustainability
Reka is an architect and sustainability expert from Hungary. Her experience in these two fields allows her to work in multi-knowledge teams, focused on integrated thinking as a key to build a better living environment. She facilitates different thoughts into one developed methodology supporting project development from early stage to completion. As a sustainability expert, she is able to manage and report environmental certifications (WELL, BREEAM), run LCA and embodied carbon assessments, as well as produce technical design planning and monitoring contracts. At 3RW arkitekter, Reka is currently working with the new light-railway project and underground station at Haukeland Hospital in Bergen. She is responsible for the BIM implementation, detail development and coordination. She is also involved in a range of projects developing sustainability concepts at early design stage. Reka’s academic involvement includes previous teaching at Budapest University of Technology where she was an Assistant Lecturer of urban studies focusing on sustainability, and a research scholarship focusing on transportation and urban density related energy aspects.
Image of Réka Bánkuti-Tóth
Erika Brandl Mouton
Architecture, Planning and Communication
Erika Brandl Mouton is a Montreal-born architect. She was trained in France (Clermont-Ferrand) and in Canada (Montreal), and received a Master degree in Architecture from McGill University in 2015. She compiled office experiences in Montreal and Vienna, where she developed an expertise in representation and formal resolution of community housing and small-scale cultural institutions projects. Erika was an invited teacher at Université de Montréal, McGill University and Confluence Institute in Paris, where she co-ran undergraduate and graduate studios. Previous to her coming to Norway, she worked for five years as a researcher and designer for the Canadian Center for Architecture, with a focus on architectural education and public programing. She pursues ongoing exhibition projects relating to vernacular and post-industrial forms in Los Angeles, California; London, England; and Antwerp, Belgium. Her architectural research seeks potential in the encounter of contemporary design and the historical city, cross-examining notions of ornamental traditions and typologies. In addition to her design work, she completed a Master degree in philosophy at the University of Bergen and the University of Copenhagen (2020).
Image of Erika Brandl Mouton
Jannicke L. Berglund
Planning and analysis
Jannicke L. Berglund is an urban and regional planner with broad knowledge of all phases of the planning process. She is an experienced project leader, engaging over the last decade with projects ranging from small scale housing plans to large scale urban development, transport and communication plans, such as the Bergen Light Rail. She is educated as an architect at Bergen Architecture School (BAS), and also has a background in music with her band Ephemera. Jannicke joined 3RW in 2021. She previously worked at TAG, where she was heading and mentoring all planners. As a thinker of cities and environments, Jannicke focuses on finding durable solutions and constructing truly holistic plans. She attaches a special importance to getting a good, early overview of the multiple details and challenges that influence the planning process, to ensure a strong and steady workflow.
Image of Jannicke L. Berglund
Susanne Puchberger
Architecture and Planning
Compiling more than fifteen years of experience as an architect, Susanne Puchberger has held the position of lead designer for many 3RW projects, such as the restructuring of Waldorf School at Skjold, as well as the new facility building and resting area on Hereiane in Hardanger (a part of Norway's touristic road initiative). Susanne has experience and interest for various architectural scales, from detailed design to overall planning on regional and national schemes, as well as an expertise in managing all project phases. At the office, she often takes part in programming and feasibility studies, in visualizations and preliminary projects, and in preparation of tender documents, worksheets and in supervision of works on site. As well as being a practicing architect, Susanne is a teacher at the Bergen Architecture School (BAS), with a focus on teaching designs that deal with childhood and youth environments.
Image of Susanne Puchberger
Tord Bakke
planning and analysis
Tord Bakke has more than 15 years of experience from a diverse range of planning milieus. He has a thorough overview and excellent analytical skills. Bakke has a broad expertise from planning in all scales, from large regional area plans spanning more than 9 500 km2, to municipal plans, area plans and detailed zoning plans. As part of these processes he has gained proficiency in feasibility-, assessment- and impact studies, analyses, process management and legislation e.g. the planning and building act with associated laws and regulations. Bakke’s latest projects include Bømoen area plan in Voss and plans for the Bergen Light Rail and Ytrebyen - a comprehensive new neighbourhood in Bergen. He has done large scale analysis for the Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage including fieldwork in ten municipalities, and impact analyses as part of concession processes for hydro-power dams and installations. Bakke has a background in social science and has a strong focus on social development and sustainability in his projects. In this regard he is a sought for lecturer at colleges and universities in Norway.
Image of Tord Bakke
Dan-Paul Stavaru
Workshop and Materials, Architecture
Dan-Paul Stavaru is an architectural designer and craftsman educated in Romania and in Norway. Following studies in robotics (Transilvania University of Brașov) and architecture (Bergen Architecture School, BAS), he joined the office at the beginning of 2020. His previous projects include the Herdla museum, the Ado Arena bench sculpture and the reception desk zone at the Norwegian Fisheries Museum. Dan-Paul interests’ focus on advanced 3D form-modelling, rendering and visualization culture, as well as the application of mathematics and physics to the field of architecture. At 3RW, his work comprises running the workshop and model-making, two key tasks for which he has extensive experience.
Image of Dan-Paul Stavaru
Daniel Tenev
Architecture and Planning
Daniel joined 3RW Arkitekter in August 2021. He holds a Master’s degree in Architecture from The Oslo School of Architecture and Design (2021), and completed studies abroad at The Royal Danish Academy (2020). His design work has been published internationally, featured in, among other, digital publications such as “Kontextur” or “The Best New Architects”. Daniel’s bachelor project won the AHO Works “RIBA president's Bronze Medal” in 2017; in 2018, he worked for an award-winning architectural studio in Copenhagen, where he specialized in destination development through cultural projects. Informing his knowledge and conceptualization of cultural, educational and residential buildings is a sustained interest for the diverse manners through which we experience architecture with the body and senses. The study of built objects’ emotional character through light, scale and material surfaces is of primary importance to Daniel’s work. At the office, he is currently working on an extension of a healthcare building in Hitra (Trøndelag), as well as the development of Ålesund student centre.
Image of Daniel Tenev
Eva Leonardi
Architecture and BREEAM-NOR
Eva Leonardi has worked as architecture designer in 3RW arkitekter since 2008. She has extensive experience in design, implementation phase and follow-up quality assurance. Her experience spans various project phases from programming and feasibility studies, visualizations and preliminary projects to the preparation of tender documents, worksheets and supervision of works on site. Her focus is on modelling and operation of BIM.
Image of Eva Leonardi
Cecilie Osmundsvaag
Cecilie Osmundsvaag joined 3RW arkitekter in February 2015 to strengthen the office's project and portfolio management. She brings experience in project management from the oil industry and the maritime industry. With more than 15 years of national and international management experience, Osmundsvaag adds valuable expertise in the organization of projects and internal management. In 3RW arkitekter, she is responsible for contract and cost control, scheduling, document control, change management and administration of the office portfolio. Since 2020 Cecilie is CEO.
Image of Cecilie Osmundsvaag
Vilde Braanaas
Communication & Business Development
Vilde joined 3RW arkitekter in November 2018 to strengthen the office’s communication team. She holds a Master’s degree in design, visual communication from UiB, the Faculty of Art, Music and Design in Bergen, and completed studies abroad at Parsons School of Design in New York City, where she focused on subjects ranging from materials and methods to marketing campaign turn-around strategies. Between her Bachelor and Master, she worked at Bergen's Academy of Art and Design in teaching and administration, in addition to the production of a variety of self-initiated design projects. These recent years, Vilde gained work experience in communication, sales and marketing as she took over the management of a historic hotel and tourist destination on the west coast of Norway. From 2017-2018 she was working full-time on co-designing an outdoor exhibition concept about Norwegian aquaculture at Skjerjehamn.
Image of Vilde Braanaas
James Barber
Architecture and Planning
James Barber is an architect from the UK. He obtained his Bachelors degree in Canterbury, UK, and has worked in London for two award winning architecture practices specialising in the private residential sector. In 2015, Barber moved to Norway to continue his education at Bergen Arkitekthøgskole where his Master project ‘Basalt and Vines’ was nominated for the European Architecture Medals, ‘Best Diploma project’. His personal work has been published internationally appearing in publications such as the ‘Arkitekturårbok’ from the Nasjonalmuseet for kunst, arkitektur og design. An enduring interest of his is the study of vernacular building forms / techniques and the potential in their contemporary realisations. At 3RW arkitekter, Barber is currently working on a new school in Kopervik and the reorganisation of Bergen’s USF veftet.
Image of James Barber
Vilde Kjærsdalen
Architecture & Planning
Vilde Kjærsdalen graduated from Bergen Architecture School (BAS) in 2017 and joined 3RW arkitekter in 2020. Her Master project «Lys i glasa» was awarded distinction from BAS and was also nominated for the Statsbygg studentpris 2017 for «excellent architecture». Between 2017 - 2020 she worked at Rambøll Bergen where she was involved in establishing MO-senter Eidsvåg - a new health care and follow-up center for drug addicts, located in Bergen. As an architect, her experience ranges from historic preservation and restoration to transformation, health care and early education. As well as being a practicing architect, Kjærsdalen is a teacher at the Bergen Architecture School, BAS, with a focus on investigating the social, cultural and historical nature of the dwelling.
Image of Vilde Kjærsdalen
Bárbara Carvalho
Architecture and Planning
Bárbara Carvalho joined 3RW arkitekter in the summer of 2016. With 7 years of prior professional experience in architecture and BIM software, she has developed complex projects from concept phases to construction design and site supervision, from 50 to 67 000m2-area projects in the public and private sectors, in countries like Portugal, Norway, Mozambique and Angola. Her experience in architecture includes project management, office rebranding and social media, furniture design, teaching at the University of Coimbra, and scientific work developed under a PhD Program. Barbara holds a Master in Architecture from Escola Superior Artística do Porto and Politecnico di Milano. She has also attended a PhD program at the University de Coimbra developing scientific advanced studies in healthcare architecture: contemporary hospitals, architectonic space projects and experiences. At 3RW arkitekter, she has worked on the refurbishment of Kode 1 Art Museum, Lyngdal Hospital and Skjoldnes housing project.
Image of Bárbara Carvalho
Camilla Arnesen
Architecture and Planning
Camilla Arnesen holds a bachelor degree in Architecture from London Metropolitan University, and in Interior and spatial design from Chelsea College of Art and Design. After graduating from her Masters in Architecture from the Kunstakademiets Arkitektskole in Copenhagen in 2011, she worked on numerous housing and urban projects of varying scales. In her 7 years of architectural experience, Camilla has held both roles of project architect and project leader, and worked with all design and building phases, from planning and detailing to site follow-ups. In addition to her distinct skills for form-finding and holistic attitude towards design, she has always been interested in projects that focus on the human social factor, being concerned with place making that combines clear design with high-quality living environments. Camilla joined 3RW arkitekter in 2018 where she works as project architect for Skjoldnes.
Image of Camilla Arnesen
Praewa Samachai
Praewa Samachai is an architect who completed her Bachelors degree at Chulalongkorn University (INDA) in Bangkok in 2015 with honours. After graduating, she was a teacher assistant for the first and second years while working in Bangkok for a year in a Swiss design based on local knowledge practice, specializing in small private commercial and residential projects. She moved to Copenhagen in the fall of 2017 to work in two award-winning offices. One specializes in global-scale projects with a pragmatic utopian architecture approach, and another specializing in building and urban planning projects that contribute to long-lasting quality. After moving to Norway in 2018 to continue her education at BAS, she publishes a Spatial Inclusive Design book as an editor (Open space collective contribution). In her personal work, she is interested in participating in architecture competitions. One was the finalist in The One drawing Challenge competition in 2019. Shortlist for Emergency housing in Mexico and published in the African school project competition. At 3RW she is working with our Montana project, with new housing and rehabilitation of BKK's old trafo station, among other projects.
Image of Praewa Samachai
Sixten Rahlff
Architecture and Planning. Creative Director and Partner
Sixten Rahlff is a Founding Partner of 3RW arkitekter and currently the company’s Creative Director, while being involved in a wide range of the office’s portfolio. Rahlff has a broad experience in architecture and planning projects. Key in his work is the implementation of ideas and projects and the pursuit to innovate – these qualities have earned him several international awards. Throughout his career, he has acquired experience as a project manager for complex planning and building projects in health, housing, education and cultural buildings. Central themes in these projects have been the management of user participation processes, energy efficiency and functional and cost-efficient buildings. In parallel to practicing, Rahlff is the Pro-Rector and a professor at the Bergen Architecture School (BAS). He was the Rector of BAS between 2011 and 2013. Rahlff is also Board Member of Ralph Erskine Fund and is part of the Expert Panel of the Mies van der Rohe Award.
Image of Sixten Rahlff
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