3RW arkitekter is a Bergen-based office with a playful portfolio built on practical experience, engaged socio-cultural work and creativity. It focuses on architecture, urbanism, planning and the cultural landscape.

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From Bergen’s vibrant artistic & cultural scene and the Open Form movement

3RW arkitekter was established in the fall of 1999 as a young and independent office, strongly rooted in Bergen’s art and cultural scene. The founding partners were all educated at the independent Bergen Architecture School, BAS, founded by Svein Hatløy, a pioneer architect and a significant theoretician, who was working with Oscar Hansen on the concept of “open form”. During his professional and academic practice in Norway, Open Form was about creating an inclusive architecture with democratic expression in the sense that architecture serves the change of modern lifestyle while establishing a strong interaction with the landscape.

In its early years, 3WR’s practice has benefited from this new way of conceptualizing space and design; a new way that helped shape an alternative Norwegian practice in the fields of art and architecture.



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