3RW arkitekter at this year’s Nordic Architecture Fair

\ 11.10.2017

At this year’s Nordic Architecture Fair, 3RW arkitekter will participate in two discussions:

The Utøya Memorial: The Swede Jonas Dahlberg never managed to realise his national memorial to the victims of Utøya island. But for the past two years there has been a landscape installation out on the island, designed by the architectural firm 3RW. Its creator, Sixten Rahlff, tells of the process behind the Clearing.

Country Life: 3RW arkitekter will be joined by Christian Broen (Dansk Byplanlaboratorium), Anssi Lassila (OOPEAA), Anders Nyquist (Eco Cycle Design) and Hlédis Sveinsdottir (EON arkitekter) in a panel discussion about the depopulation of the countryside. Urbanisation ignores the countryside. According to one Danish source, within the next 20 years or so some 100,000 empty homes will have to be demolished. Can architecture rescue these depopulating areas? Or is the opportunity already lost?

See 3RW’s participation in Gothenburg, Sweden on November 7 – for tickets and more information, head to https://nordicarchitecture.se/

3RW arkitekter at this year’s Nordic Architecture Fair