3RW joins the debate on Store Lungegaardsvannet’s future as housing area

\ 05.09.2019

Partner and CEO Sixten Rahlff took part in the debate organized yesterday by Bergen Arkitektforening (BAF) at Landmark. He joined the planners of Waugh Thistleton, who presented their vision for a sustainable waterborne eco-village, and he revisited 3RW’s own Flytende Boliger proposal for the densification of Store Lungegaardsvannet’s area (2017, see images below). What architectural expression best fits this key part of the city? How can we insure satisfying infrastructural connections and calibrated environmental design decisions during planning processes? What are the essential elements of an inclusive, future-oriented urban project? Is it desirable to bring built density to Store Lungegaardsvannet? What kind of economic model can the municipality put in place with projects like Trenezia? Such questions were discussed with vigor and open-mindedness.

Here are more details about the event.

Information and images about an older 3RW proposal (2004) for the same site can be found under this link: Store Lungegaardsvannet Masterplan by 3RW and S333 Architecture + Urbanism