Press Release: Cold Hawaii Inland Masterplan

\ 05.06.2018


Bergen, Norway, June 05 — 3RW arkitekter (architecture) with LABLAND Architects (landscape architecture), Rambøll (engineering), Rasmus Johnsen (local expert on watersport), and Troels Schwarz (graphic identity) have come second in the competition for Cold Hawaii Inland.

Cold Hawaii is a surf colony on the Western coast of Jutland in Denmark, and the next phase of development includes the design of a series of sites along the region’s fjord coast with modular structures acting as windbreakers and gateways for the active use and enjoyment of the coastal landscape.

3RW arkitekter is part of ‘Team LabLand’, one of five teams chosen to participate in the competition to design selected sites along the Cold Hawaii Inland Masterplan in Denmark. Cold Hawaii is an existing surf colony which has become a national success project creating life and tourism at the many surf spots along this strip. The competition for Cold Hawaii Inland constitutes a new phase in this endeavour, developing the innermost areas of the region along the calmer, Limfjord area. Team Labland came second in the competition.

Cold Hawaii Inland includes 10 different sites, each with a varying programme, urban situation and exposure to the environment. From desolate dunal landscapes to sites in urban peripheries, the main function of the architectural interventions is to connect users to the water and facilitate leisure and sports activities. A variety of module typologies house programmes including changing facilities, picnic areas, rest rooms, a pedagogical water laboratory, a Finnish sauna, a youth inn, a boat club with kitchen and gym, an art exhibition space, a viewing tower, a kayak hotel and marina promenade facilities.

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Press Release: Cold Hawaii Inland Masterplan