Site update from Landåssvingen 15

\ 05.06.2020

Dismantling and sorting out of materials are well on their way at the Landåssvingen Lærerhøgskolen school, the site of the future introduction centre for newly arrived foreign language students and adult education! With Bergen-based offices HLM, Smedsvig and Multiconsult, we have worked to put together a renovation proposition that focuses on the extensive reuse and preservation of recyclable building materials, and fixtures and fittings.  Landåssvingen exemplifies our team’s plea to engage in sustainable, circular architectural methods.

The existing college in Landås is set to become a welcoming building catered to its new tenants use and needs, with new educational, cultural and sports activities. We are working in collaboration with Norsk Rivning towards a bettered “demolition” process, where chosen materials are pieced apart and thus made ready for their good re-use: the photos below are documenting this process.

You can find further analysis (text and images) on our strategy for re-use and recycling building elements at the project’s page here.