“Arkitektur og folkehelse” collection of public health design

This collection of projects has been prepared on assignment from Design and Architecture Norway (DOGA), which hopes to increase public awareness of the importance of public health considerations when design professionals plan the physical environment. Increased competence in public health-related architecture and planning has the potential to contribute to better public health in a direct way.

Full collection here (Norwegian only).

DOGA asked 3RW to concentrate such information and knowledge through built examples and uses of public outdoor spaces which have has proven to be socially attractive and increase physicality activity. These positive effects – both intended and unintended – are documented qualitatively, and sometimes quantitatively. Our premise is that we humans sit too much inside alone, and that we generally fare better, physically and mentally, when we go outside and spend time in the open air; immobility, loneliness and isolation are increasing public health challenges that can be tackled by bringing people out. The following 13 projects take on that challenge successfully!

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