Furuset Hageby

Furuset demenslandsby is a new housing and treatment center for people with cognitive impairments. the buildings is designed in a cluster like a village and community where the people with dementia feel at home and safe in recognizable environment

In line with increasing life expectancies, we are experiencing a higher number of dementia and Alzheimer’s cases in older people also with an unexpected increase in the number of younger Alzheimer’s cases. Today’s nursing homes already have difficulty meeting these constantly-changing and very individual patient needs. The pressure on health services will continue to increase unless there is innovative development in technology, treatment and methods of care.

The dementia village is designed with focus on residents and their relatives’ needs. The centre contains well-known elements from the residents’ everyday life of safety and contribute to the residents sense of autonomy. The development’s formation reflects that of a small society as opposed to an institution with a variety of functions in the spectrum between private dwellings and social/common areas, all bound together by villagescaled urbanised and natural spaces. This composition of built environment facilitates the residents’ gradual transition from being well-functioning to being dependent on care, and crucially seeks to allow residents to maintain a relatively normal life in a confusing new reality.

“Den Grønne Landsby” (“The Green Village”) is organized around two main plots on each side of the central village street. The whole building follows the slope of the terrain from southwest to northeast. This optimizes the sun and views to the surrounding landscape.

The building’s level differences create the opportunity to establish the Green Circular Trail that links the two gardens together and embeds the buildings within the landscape and greenery. The village street at the heart of the settlement has varied functions including a restaurant, cafe, hairdresser, cultural center, shop, library and exercise center.

Residents have access to the entire village and can move freely within the village’s safe setting.

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