Hyllestad Village Feasibility Study

3RW arkitekter has been responsible for all elements in the development of this feasibility study for the municipality of Hyllestad, located a few hours north of Bergen on the West-coast of Norway. The project investigates, plans for and visualizes a new river- and landscape trail, preservation of cultural heritage and war memorials, how to facilitate outdoor areas, a new marina and opportunities for new housing in the center.

The project is looking at ways that the sea and the landscape can be integrated into the village of Hyllestad to a greater extent. At the same time cultural-historical elements should be woven into a new mobility structure. Consideration of site-specific and natural qualities give the constraints and possibilities for future development, and are underlined as the central premises for the project.

Hyllestad was famous for the production of millstones for several hundred years. Thus they have their own millstone visitor centre and millstone festival. Walking through the landscape one stumbles upon traces from this production in various places. The millstone is a strong cultural-historical- and identity element for the people of Hyllestad. This identity, along with the sea, war memorials, church and vicarage, are emphasized as important prerequisites for a new landscape architecture.

The projects is aimed at developing the village and facilitating locals and visitors in a way that is rooted in the landscape and local history. The fundamental principle for the establishment of a new river and landscape path has been to uncover, map and highlight existing qualities in the surroundings, to reinforce the village’s identity, support Hyllestad as a destination, a good place to live, as well as strengthening local biodiversity.

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