Innvik & Utvik

As part of Stryn municipality’s work with revision of the  municipal plan for Vikane, experience from previous urban projects has found it useful that the planning work can be based on detailed concept studies. This concept study has assessed the potential for densification and a possible development of good centers for residents and visitors.

Innvik center has important functions such as a shop, café, fuel, marina, camping, housing, business and more. The population has been relatively stable in recent years, but the supply of housing plots is poor, and there is a need to look at densifying the existing area for housing. Pointing out new areas for industry has also been a key element in the study.

Utvik center is a denser and smaller center, with a church, kindergarten, shop and café. Utvik center is traditionally strongly connected to the fjord. Of the buildings in the older center, many of these are without permanent residents. This has characterized the town for many years, both because it creates a “dead” center, and because it is difficult to get housing close to the center.

In the city center, there are several different needs for land use that must be adapted and it is important to get a holistic assessment of current land use, assessed against a desired future utilization and local needs. The project has come up with concrete solutions in close dialogue with the district team and the municipality. The concept study has provided a delimitation of the city center area, as well as concrete input to the municipal planning work.

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