Lyngdal Healthcare Center

A modern health institution that offers one of society’s most central welfare services putting focus on how architecture can help users and employees feel at home and in a secure and efficient environment

A human-scale health institution ensures optimal opportunities for self-care and rehabilitation. In the development of Lyngdal Health Care Center, we have emphasized the sense of domesticity within the institution with room qualities, materials and surroundings interacting harmoniously with each other.

The development must accommodate and respect the patients, visitors and the large range of employees meaning the building must be both “home” and “work” for these different user-groups with varying and complex needs, dependencies and professional requirements.

In Lyngdal, the five building wings are efficiently joined together with the large and bright common atrium in the middle. A number of roof gardens and shared terraces at all levels provide access to outdoor areas for all residents. As part of the project, a nature and fitness park has been established in collaboration with the kindergarten as the nearest neighbor. The project is also located within a short walking-distance between the mountains and Lyngdal town center.

3RW has long experience in design based on the concept of health-giving architecture. We want to create inclusive environments with good relationships between the users, employees, surroundings and context. This architecture aims to create a positive and relaxed atmosphere by mixing the recognizable with the innovative and forward-looking. The goal is to support mental processes that ensure physical accessibility and increase the individual’s focus on their own body. The institution should be a rehabilitative environment where social interaction, physical movement and personal needs can be addressed in an inclusive and holistic environment.

In order to create health-giving architecture, the process and dialogue with users is crucial.

User participation is about anchoring the individual building brief among the those who will actively be using the spaces. This should ensure that solutions take into account the needs of the individual user groups. Thus, we see user participation as an important contribution to the overall quality assurance of a construction project.

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