Nystuveien 35

Nystuveien 35 is located in Starefossen, a centrally located neighbourhood in Bergen.
With a plot area of 975 m2, the property currently consists of one
semi-detached, horizontally divided house of two units.

The owner wished to demolish the entirety of the existing volume and
replace these with three spacious family residences. Shared parking facilities
are to be located below the housing buildings, at mid-ground level: all three
units will be accessible via a lift from this common parking space. This design
decision relates to the clients’ intention to accommodate a variety of users over time.
One pursued feature of the project was that individuals would be able to move in with their children, while the lift access creates an opportunity for a facilitated long-term occupation. This results in residents having the opportunity to live in these homes at all stages of life.

The new bodies and surfaces of the three houses are the results of an extensive site analysis in which surrounding buildings and landscapes were carefully assessed. The Nystuveien 35 buildings shall have open and villa-like qualities; the spaces between the volumes and the sizes of these volumes are calibrated in a manner which blend the houses into the existing environment. With a similar intention of integration, outdoor areas are designed in order to be maximally green.

The architectural expression, a combination of natural materials of stone and wood,
echoes the facades found in the site’s immediate vicinity.

In adjusting itself to its neighbourhood, this sensitive housing project fits the stated
municipal ambition of dealing with population growth through the densification of existing
residential areas, while safeguarding an adequate architectural relationship with adjacent buildings.

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