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…min far mente man ikke kunne bygge ut dette området.
også jeg er en svært konservativ mann. men det får være grenser…

– Finn Iunker

Bergen has since the 1960’s on prioritized the location of large parts of the different programs (living, working, shopping etc.) to the outskirts of the municipality, and by that created so-called extremities; one place, one function. Therefore, these places appear as sheer tools: you buy plants at Lagunen and sofa in Åsane; you work at Kokstad and live in Minde; you play tennis in Paradis.

Such an organization – such an outsourcing – has its clear advantages, but there is at least one clear hurdle: by placing large parts of the city’s core activities in the peripheries, the city itself becomes peripheral. But the way many companies now wish to bring back formerly vulnerable services, we now see the contours of a new movement, an insourcing: It is about bringing back services and functions.

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