The Green Ring

Informed by the UN seventeen goals for sustainability the green ring makes the connection between the ring and its diverse neighborhoods

“Den grønne ringen” is both a design concept and a guideline to better orient a neighborhoods physical reality. The strategy behind this proposal aims at providing a strong, critical and conceptual take on the role of municipal processes, outlining a series of tools to achieve a desirable future for Hovinbyen in Oslo. Rejected as too long a gesture, the initial ring begged for a requalification, especially in the face of it traversing such a variety of areas; its holistic recreative identity had to be adapted to service its industrial, residential or institutional surroundings.

Relationships between the green promenade and its nearby areas are enhanced by feeding from their distinctive character and complementing with missing programs. This constitutes the basis for a design evolving from an initial linear loop to a collection of exciting interventions that range in scales. Landscape, furniture – all recognizable, convenient elements are carefully placed along the path in a way that first gears towards “community building”. Informed by the UN seventeen goals for sustainability, the objects and spaces drawn by 3RW and Nord must be of use to all people. In addition to circular economy, inclusive and generosity here emerge as notions necessary to a successful, sustainable masterplan.

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