Urban Development Arna

When it is no longer possible to build the necessary urban densification without destroying unique landscape typologies and agricultural land, it is time to connect Arna to the fjord and use the water as a building site

Over the next few years it is expected that Bergen’s population will increase to 440 000 inhabitants. An important question will be how this growth will affect Bergen and the various neighborhoods’ distinctive identity. New developments will lead to increase homogenization so that districts in the future will emerge as equal?

Or let’s imagine another scenario, can “genius loci” or the neighborhood’s character form the basis for development, so Bergen can emerge as a complex and diverse city? For 3RW, this question relates to numerous conditions including how one plan for new housing development, industry and recreation. How do we want the future living and working environment to be? How will future neighborhoods in the Bergen area compete for jobs, investment and people?

Arna raises important questions related to how water, nature and ecology form the basis for a unique urban environment.

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