Viewpoint Askevågen

This project comments on the continuous change of the Norwegian landscape, always modified, altered and developed by society’s ambitions to improve the local conditions and livelihood

Askvågen Viewpoint is situated along the Atlantic Ocean Road in Møre and Romsdal, near the small fishing village Askvaagen. The existing pier is lined with large natural rocks and was originally designed to make a safer harbor. A big piece of vistdalitt stone (a local variation of gneiss) enclosed by glass plates was placed at the very tip of the pier. Overhanging the existing platform, it brings tourists even closer to the Atlantic Ocean and offers views over derelict fishing villages on
numerous islands on the horizon.

This project comments on the continuous change of the Norwegian landscape. The current change from societies based on agriculture and fisheries, providing food, towards the service minded global hosts, providing adventure, constitutes the contemporary context for an increasing number of coastal communities in Norway. For a period of time, the two paradigms will probably coexist in the many soon-to-be-abandoned communities. The ambitions of projects interacting with this transformation should be to design a way that connects these two paradigms not as conflicting ones but as a continuous expression of the endeavors of “the cultivating Man”.

The project is made entirety with the use of local material and craftsmen, giving the community a new tourist attraction and at the same time focusing on traditional craftsmanship.

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