Viewpoint Sivlesfossen

Sivlefossen is one of the west country’s most unique waterfalls and landscape spaces. Stalheimskleiva is one of Europe’s steepest roads (with 13 turns it was built in 1846). Together the falls, the landscape, the road and the surrounding cultural landscape is a unique west-coast experience.

The main objective of Sivle bridge is to create a unique encounter between the visitor, the steaming waterfall and the magnificent valley space. The dream is to be able to experience it in the middle of the landscape, surrounded by water vapor and the sound of the waterfall, like a bird over the mountains.

In all cultures with mountains and fjords hanging bridges are the most common way to cross large canyons with stretched wires that carry the walkway. This is also the most effective solution in terms of the use of material and the economies of construction, an airiness and lightness proposal that gives a unique experience of nature. A suspended bridge causes minimal impact on the landscape where it is attached to the ground through anchors drilled into the rocks. One needs neither concrete nor dynamite for mounting a suspension bridge and it can be removed without visible traces.

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