Ålesund Student Centre

The Student Centre Ålesund project with student housing is inspiring and exciting both in terms of combining the functions and as a urban planning task. The project is strategically located both in the region and at NTNU’s Campus Ålesund. The student centre with student housing shall be placed in connection with a new student square. At the same time, the main building and the laboratory building will be near the square so that it becomes a natural meeting point and a space for activity. The proposal wish for the alternating activities of the student centre to be exposed to the surroundings so that their energy activate the square and vice versa.

The student housing is located above the student centre with a shared roof terrace, designed and furnished for outdoor activities. The housing units are organized along a central corridor with kitchen and common room centrally located.

The building will be a natural hub for interaction, prototyping and experimentation, which brings together student activities in one building. Here, students, the public sector, private business and researchers meet and exchange ideas.

Student square
The interaction between the student centre and the square will be a showcase for the student activity at NTNU and the campus’ pulsating heart. The floor of the square slopes slightly towards Borgundvegen and the floor is designed with stairwells and sloping surfaces. The lots invite to gather in different groups. Stair steps and ledges with sloping surfaces and ramps give rise to a gradient from Borgundvegen according to universal design. Thus the laboratory building, the main building and the student centre all get access from the student square.

Along the facade of the student centre the ground floor is terraced at the level of the square outside, so that the building’s areas of use can be opened to the square without any steps. The façade is lightly faceted to further emphasize the connection between interior and exterior applications and at the same time the facade is given an inviting expression. The facets expresses the areas of the student culture and innovation hub in the building, at the same time as the building appears as one.

Student Culture
The student culture is placed easily visible towards the student square and Borgundvegen. The students’ gathering arena and stage follow the steps of the square and can be opened for direct contact. The floor of the student culture is flat with a discret amphitheater on three sides. The shape allows for varied furnishings and location of the stage

Like student culture and innovation hub, sport has a central location in the building. The sports fascilities have access at the end of the main course and shares / has access to the common functions along this.

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