Cultural expression is a fundamental way to read and understand our society. This means that the architecture of these spaces holds huge cultural significance; they are where we experience who we are as individuals and how we function as part of a larger society. These spaces are both a cultural expression and a tool to shape our culture.

The first architectural commissions 3RW received were in the field of culture because of our knowledge and experience with the artistic environment in Bergen. It allowed us to investigate architecture as a natural part and extension of the vibrant city with the ambition of creating democratic urban spaces for cross-cultural encounters. Cities along the western-coast of Norway are changing rapidly, responding to the current consolidation of an unprecedented urban densification. Questions about their future identity are being addressed and cultural activities still play a major role. In an era of centralization of culture where art forms are consumed in one place, one can say that Bergen’s ‘cultural axis’ represents a beacon of urbanism that has successfully accommodated the networked and multi-scalar nature of the creative industry and grown attractive public spaces.

In Bergen, cultural anchors are a mix of national institutions and independent venues, all situated along a “chain” from south to north of the very centre. They are however less often discussed as a ‘cultural ecology’ spreading across the axis.
All contribute to shape an attractive public life as a whole, that we believe is today one of the success criteria for Bergen’s thriving cultural scene. One might argue that this happens in lots of cities, but Bergen’s cultural ecology is special in that it is not only a platform for display but also a production stronghold – of music, design, theatre, dance and art alike, and has sustained the fragile articulation of both. Where other cities have seen those production spaces progressively moving toward the fringes, Bergen has sustained this vicinity right in its centre.

3RW arkitekter have had the chance to participate continually in this development, with the rehabilitation of Landmark at Kunsthall, plaza and art gallery at cultural centre USF Verftet. the children’s ‘Artlab’ at KODE 4; the rehabilitation of KODE 1 Permanenten decorative art museum, the refurbishment and extension of Logen Theater, Sentralbadet; the new theater and dans house and Feriekolonien, a recurring summer installation for USF Verftet.

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