Coastal Museum in Øygarden

The project describes the first construction phase in an extension of the quay area at the coastal museum in Øygarden. The buildings are part of a new maritime environment that will support the museum’s dissemination program and make the sea more accessible for various activities related to teaching and practical exercises. The project consists of two new buildings, an aquaculture- and energy display center, and an educational laboratory for the fisheries research school at the coastal museum in Øygarden.
The architecture draws inspiration from various elements of the West Norwegian seafaring tradition, interpreted in our time and shaped to provide new experiences of proximity to the fjord. Emphasis is placed on establishing different degrees of accessibility and contact with the water, and the two seahouses open to the fjord in different ways. The visual language is recognizable and creates continuity in the extension of an authentic boating environment in Ovågen, while new architectural elements clearly signal new use.
Materials are selected for minimal use of energy. The coastal museum is located in a mild but weathered climate. Sea, rain and wind are natural forces that potentially can offer a lot of useful energy. The location of the two buildings provides good opportunities for obtaining renewable energy. New architectural elements emphasize new use of traditional materials and energy sources in our time.
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