Mindemyren – The New Valley

Mindemyren is a masterplan to suggest a future transformation of an area in central Bergen. The propoal focuses on the requirement of the plan to turn constraint into opportunity. It addresses challenges of noise, sun, pollution, low position in the valley, desire of maintaining large commercial facilities, to propose a holistic masterplan offering added-value and a new residential offer within the entire Minde masterplan.

Whereas the current proposal is creating linear corridor where circulation infrastructure tends to disconnect the building locally, we decide to work toward a smaller urban grain with a higher degree of connection, scales and variety of open spaces.

One of the main ambitions is to create an urban fabric that will be become an attractive and diverse place to live and work in Mindemyren.

The proposal is focusing deeply on providing high quality outdoor space, that is as sunny and well ventilated as possible. All the effort in developing building typology and building form are focused on that.

Ultimately, our masterplan devises two typological moments, A hilltown, namely the green valley, and a Downtown, linked to the new light rail line, with more offices and larger building footprint, also acting as a protection from noise and with active ground floor in key locations to become natural destinations. Most importantly around the pond and the light rail stop.

For us, the heart of the project is the plaza park and the pond at the center of the plan. This creates a special moment with a lot of quality to utilize. It is also something we can shape around to create an attractive place. It doesn’t compete with the light rail stop, it is merely another moment along this long development. We think that having both is important. The light rail stop plaza is a place of commute. The pond park is a place of leisure. It is a destination that serves local needs. The light rail stop serves larger needs. In that sense the two will synergize.

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